Brought the heat in November 🌢️

@Wingstop || Hot Plays of the Month

Final πŸ“Š

Jordan - 28p/5r/3a/2s/1b
Otto - 16p/6r/3a/1s
Stephen - 12p/3r/2a/1s/1b
Andrew - 10p/3r/2a/1s/1b
Gary - 8p/7r/1a/1s
Draymond - 8p/11r/5a/1b
Nemanja - 4p/6r/2a
Kevon - 5p/6r/1a/1b
Cheeze - 3p/3r/4a
Juan - 2p/1r/2a/1s

Game on the line in today’s scrimmage in Santa Cruz

& Klay came in clutch 🎯

Battle of the two best records in the league.
It's goin' down tonight in Phoenix.

11.30 is one of our favorite dates on the calendar πŸ—“οΈ

Happy Splash Brothers Day, #DubNation

Get your popcorn ready.

πŸ€ GSW at PHX
πŸ•– 7pm PT
πŸ“Ί @NBCSAuthentic & @NBAonTNT
πŸ“» @957thegame
πŸ“± https://t.co/ZkjPJjiF76
πŸ“ https://t.co/B9VNe9t2ZJ

@betwayusa || #DubNation

The November episode of the #Beyond28 podcast, presented by @chase, explores athletes and political activists who are energizing the power of the black vote and advancing liberation.

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